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CG foam for Car seat covers
Designer Paint Roller is our product range also comprises of Scotch Brite Scrubber Cleaning Pads, Foam Paint Rollers and Fish Foam Filters.
Grade Nominal Density(kg/m3) Hardness'N'(at 50% Compression) Resilience Applicable Standards Typical Uses
515 Soft
118-135 40% min. IS-7888 ASTMD:3574 Quilting and Mattress Overlays
521 Soft
118-135 40% min. IS-7888 ASTMD:3574 Pillows, Mattress Overlays, Quilting
530 Soft
125-165 40% min. IS-7888 ASTMD:3574 Sofa Seat Cushins, Arm and Back Rest.
Major Applications
Pillows Quilting Top lining in sofas, Mattress overlays etc.