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Fire Retardant Foam
The excellent sound absorption property of this foam makes it ideal for sound absorption applications. It is self-extinguishing and offers excellent sound absorbing qualities over a wide range of frequencies, it is easy to handle cut and install. It is low cost foam.
Grade Nominal Density(kg/m3) Hardness'N'(at 50% Compression) Resilience Applicable Standards Typical Uses
180-200 28%min. Meets flammability requirement of IS-7888, MVSS-302 Automobile Seet Cover, Mattress
162-200 40% min. Meets flammability requirement of IS-7888, MVSS-302 Furniture Cushioning, Transport Seating
260-300 42%min. Meets flammability reqirement of IS-7888, BS-5852 (Crib-5) California, Test Bulletin 117, UL-94 MVSS-302 Automotive Applications, Transport Seating Acoustic Application, mattress, Thermal Insulation of wires Harness In Automobiles
110-150 50%min. Meets fkammability requirement of IS-7888, MVSS-302 Heavy duty Seating Mattress
340-400 44%min. Meets flammability requirement of IS-7888, MVSS-302 NES-713, CA-117, NCD-1407 Specifc Uphostery Seat for Naval Ships, Heavy Duty Seating Mattresses