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Applications Of Foam:

Air conditioning and Auto
Industry Segment Area of Application Products
Air Conditioning(Automotive/Residentive/Industrial/HVAC) Insulation AHU Insulated Panels
Air Filters Reticulated Polester foam
Duck Insulation and Packing Flexible Polether foams AHU Insulated Panels
Flexible Insulation mediums Flexible Polether foam
Automotive Sun Visors Open Called semi rigid foam
Engine Hood Insulation Acoustic,Fire Reardant foam
Duct Packing Flexible Polyether foam
Battery Packing Flexible Polyether foam
Under Bonnet Insulation Fire Reardant foam
AC Compressor Lining Flexible Polyether foam
Safety foam Reticulated Polyester foam
Testing Facilities Dynamometerchamvers Environmental chambers
Ait Filters Reticulated Polyester foam
Electronic and Petroleum
Industry Segment Area of Application Products
Electronic Insulation Encosure made of SIP Acoustic foam Foam wedges
Anechoic Chambers Reticulated polyester foam
Dust Collectores Packaging foams
Packaging Sound Absorbers Acoustic foam
Petroleum Filtration Reticulated Polyster foam
Printing, Ceramic etc
Industry Segment Area of Application Products
Printing & Ink Ink Transfer Flexible polyether foam
Stamp Pads Felted foams
Ceramic Buffring Flexible polyether foam
Packaging Packaging foam
Paint Paint application Paint Rollers insulated
Paint Booth Paint Booths
Air Filters Reticulated Polyester foam
Sewage Treatment facilities Bacteria culture promoters Reticulated Polyether foam
Water Treatment Filtration reticulated Polyether foam
Power - Generation Power station Control room Kiosks
Pipelines Pigging foam
Air filters Reticulated Polyether
Dust collections Reticulated Polyether
Power Transmossion Substations Control room kiosks thermal management Systems
Passive coolimg materials Air filters
Lamination Textiles  
imitation Leather  
Shoe Shoe Insole foam Shoe Insole foam
Flexible Polyether foam
Cinema/ Entertainment Seating Moulded flexible foam
Flexible polyether foam
Sound Attenuation Acoustic foam
Insulation Insulated Panals
Hospitals Patients Recovery Visco Elastic (Memory)
Foam Mattresses
Mattress Overlays
Anti bedsore Overlays
Scrubbers and Sponges
Acoustic foams
Insulated panels
Acoustic foam
operation theaters Enclosures
Theater Mattresses
Air Compresser Air Filters Reticulated Polyesther foam
Air Compressor Sound
Deadening Filters
Acoustic foam
Railways Berths  
Back Rests  
Air Filters  
Ships and Navy Bedding  
Cold rooms  
Life Saving Equipment  
Pipe Insulation  
Air filters